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Full month taper

Written by kjhughes

motivator_journeysWell it has been two weeks since I found I couldn’t run due to a foot injury.

Since that day I have done only a handful of runs, totalling less than 15 miles rather than the 84 miles I had planned. Not Good.

There are now 2 weeks to go (13 days actually) until race day and I will have done nothing long in the final month.

I have started doing a few short runs on it in the past 3 or 4 days, and with any luck I will get a 8-12 miler in at the weekend – need something to give me a bit of a confidence boost.

Actually, I am really looking forward to the race, even with the blip in training – with any luck my base and previous training will see me through well.

On a positive note, I have raised over £350 so far – feel free to add to it

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