Slapstick Moment

Written by kjhughes

fallen_treeI had a bit of a slapstick comedy moment on this mornings run.

As you can probably appreciate, running along a canal, set in woodland can be idyllic, but on the flip side it can also be incredibly dangerous !
This mornings run turned out to be later. I was set upon by mother nature in a cold calculated, precisely time, two pronged attack. Seriously.

First, she dispatched one of those teensy, but deadly, kamikaze bugs with orders to fly directly into my eyeball (the right one). Then, knowing I’d have my head down dealing with Mr Eyeball Invader (but still be running) she put a partially broken, fallen branch at head height directly across the trail.

Of course, tactically unprepared as I was, and already distracted with Mr Eyeball Invader, I ran face first directly into the said branch ending up with a mouth full of leaves and a bloodied nose.

So… mother nature won this battle, but there will be others, and I will prevail.

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