Ultra Eve

Written by kjhughes

IMG_20111022_133704I’m sat in a hotel in Guilford, Connecticut, USA and it’s the evening before my first ultra race, the 50K Bimblers Bluff. I’ve got here less prepared than I had hoped, but I got here…

I did some last minute shopping in the town of Branford this afternoon, grabbing some electrolyte drink powder and body glide, then spent the rest of the afternoon catching up on some work and relaxing – trying to hydrate myself well for tomorrow.

This evening I went along to the pub where they were handing out race packs, I hung around there for a bit, had some food and met some of the other runners and the race director. I also got interviewed as the (only) ‘international athlete’ in the race – well they were half right….

Although the past 4-6 weeks of training haven’t gone well (almost none existent), I’m quietly confident. The main goal is simply to get round in one piece, but I have no idea how the hills will affect any time – I guess I’ll just play it by ear, but I’m kind of hoping for sub 7 hours…

Watch this space…

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