Juneathon Roundup

Well it’s now July and Juneathon is over. Overall it went well – the plan was to

  • Run every day in June – CHECK
  • Blog about it every day in June – NO CHECK

Yes, although I kept up the runstreak all through June, and I almost made it blogging every day, I fell at the very last obstacle. I blogged every day up till 29th June and then missed it on the 30th.

To summarize the running side of things, here’s the metrics from runkeeper…


JuneathonActivitiesRunning was the easy part – at the start of June I was already 90 plus days into a runstreak, so it was just a case of sticking with it.

For some reason there wasn’t really a lot of long runs – couple of 15 milers was about it. It might have been tiredness from an 80 mile week I’d done just before this – but most stuff was around 4 or 5 miles and generally fast.

On the blogging side, I found it a lot tougher than I expected. After a full days work, and 1 or 2 runs, it was tough to open up the laptop and write about it, late on at night. I also felt like I didn’t have a lot to say – what’s interesting about ‘”oh I did another 5 miler along the Thames at lunchtime”. However I persevered and wrote every day till 30th.

To be honest I almost missed it on 29th as well, remembering late at night and having to make a last minute post from my phone. The 30th however was the first day of my 24 hour run and I had a lot on my mind that morning, so I’m not too surprised.

Overall, I am pretty pleased, the running was easy and the blogging, although I didn’t hit my target, I did get a lot of content onto the blog, I got into the habit of thinking about what to write about, what images to use, how to try and make it interesting (did it work ?).

I do think I’ll have another similar thing, sometime soon – hopefully something a bit more interesting than just what I’ve run that day – maybe something like every day for a week write about a different style of running (trail, marathon, ultra etc), or writing about a type of gear each day – who knows…

If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment…

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