Gear Review – Montane Marathon Jacket

Written by kjhughes

gear review for montane marathon jacket

I’ve had my Montane Marathon Jacket for a couple of years and I just cannot rave about it enough !! – so time I did a gear review for it….

It is by no means waterproof, but it is mostly windproof and gives that extra bit of protection needed on cold winter mornings.

Long runs usually end up with it pretty soaked, from sweat, but it never seems to bother me, it’s just not noticeable until you stop. Actually I’ve had it freeze on the inside before.

Overall, it is just the job :–

  • good slim fit
  • not too heavy
  • packs down to the size of an apple in it’s own stuffsack
  • not even noticeable while running.

It cost me £40 new (a couple of years ago), but can be found from around £35 to £55 depending on availability.

Buy one, you will not regret it…

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