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Goals for 2016

Written by kjhughes


I’ve been thinking about goals for 2016 recently. There’s a few specific things I want to accomplish :

Complete the Thames Path 100

I DNF’d this race in 2013 and again in 2015, so I have unfinished business. Now that I have a sub 24hr 100 miler under my belt, and the confidence that I can finish, I’m hoping this is the year !!

Set a new 100 mile PB

With a current PB of 23:34:08 (in my only 100 mile finish), I’m hoping I can knock a good chunk off that time (at the Thames Path 100)

Set a new 50 mile PB

I set a new 50 mile PB last year as part of the Autumn 100. I think I can better that in a straight 50 mile race (Thames Trot in Feb)

Complete a Half Marathon in under 90 minutes

I’ve run a bunch of half marathons, and my best so far is 94 odd minutes – however that was a canal towpath run with a short wait for a swing bridge to close, and one of my first runs back after the Thames Path 2013 – so a bit of focused speed training should get me under 90 mins.

Run at least 2016 miles in 2016

I managed 2014 in 2014, but failed pretty miserably in 2015 (only managing 1600 odd) due to lack of consistency. I’d like to get back to standard 40-50 mile weeks, week in week out.

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