2018 – Review

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There are many positives for me to take from my running in 2018, but the reality is that my training consistency and race performances went downhill all year.

2018 was a year of 50s for me:- 50th birthday, all 4 of the Centurion 50 miles races (making up the ’50 slam’), and my first 50k ‘Beer Ultra’.
I finished every race, but some of them were by the skin of my teeth.

The Start

The first race of the year was the Centurion South Downs Way 50 where I finished in a decent sub 10 hour time. I was pretty pleased with this performance and had high hopes for the rest of the year.

Centurion SDW50
South Downs Way 50

I then began resting on my laurels. I did virtually no training for the Beer Ultra – well, that’s a lie, I did plenty of training for it, just not running… That race went okay, but it was more of a day out / jolly than a race.

The Middle

The next 2 Centurion races were the North Downs Way 50 and the Chiltern Wonderland 50. Again, little training for either so it meant that I was scraping cut-offs, and I didn’t particularly enjoy either of these races – mainly because of the poor shape I was in.

The End

Final race of the year was the Wendover Woods 50. This one was the same, but different. Little training in preparation, but I actually felt really good during the race. I think was down to the nature of the course which is basically you are either marching up a steep incline or running down a gentle slope/track.
Although my quads were pretty shot after a couple a few hours I could still run the downhills – so I was running all the way through, where normally I’d have a period of walking / shuffling from about 35 – 45 miles before being able to run again.

Wendover Woods 50 - Route
Wendover Woods 50

This race is also a looped event (5 x 10 mile loops), which is a format I like, so that played to my strengths too. It was also the last of the four Centurion 50 mile ‘grand slam’ races, so the climax of the years racing.

Wendover Woods 50 - Finish
Grand Slam of 50s Complete

Overall, I’m so so with the year of running. I covered a shade over 1000 miles in 176 hours – half what I expected from myself, but I completed the ’50 slam’ and had a couple of decent performances.

Looking Forward

Onward and upwards to 2019, where I’m signed up for the Centurion 100 mile Grand Slam.

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