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Training Plan – 2019

I’ve taken a different approach to training this year. Much more focus on long runs and recovery and less of the ‘junk miles’ (3 – 6 milers at lunchtimes).
It seems to be working.

Core runs were/are a mid week run home from work (16 – 20 miles) followed by a steady jog of about 8 miles the next morning to the train station, and another long run at the weekend (15 – 20 miles). Sometimes I’ll get another short run in during the week, but mostly I take time off for recovery.

I am definitely enjoying running again and at no point does it seem like a chore – even on the dark, wet nights running along the grimy A4 on dodgy paths.

A couple of notable build up runs that I really enjoyed were:

Beacon Hill

I had been meaning to do this run (properly) for a while. My previous attempt resulted in a navigational embarrassment. From home, up the hill to Greenham Common, along the country roads to Beacon Hill, up to the top and then a similar route back.


Saturn Running – Doh’nut Run

This was a fairly local event put on by the Saturn Running team. A three point something mile loop as many times as you want within 7 hours.
I took it easy and had planned for 30 – 35 miles. I did 10 loops which was about 33 miles.


Next up – Thames Path 100 – the first of the 4 Centurion 100 miler Grand Slam. Feels like training has gone well, and I’m pretty confident right now. We’ll see how it goes…

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