Welcome to my ‘UltraRunning Logbook’. I’m Ken Hughes, a runner and a wannabe ultra runner. I’m also a Technologist and Munrobagger if you’re interested in those things…

I’m by no means a ‘racing snake’, I’m definitely the tortoise rather than the hare.
Knowing that I’m not built for speed has pushed me to go for longer distances – to date I have run a few half marathons and a few longer cross country races, but more recently I’ve been looking to go even further, even further than marathon distance – ultrarunning.

I’ve ‘kind of’ been a runner all my life – on and off, sometimes with long……. breaks, but I always come back to it.

I live in Berkshire, UK and you’ll generally find me running along the Kennet and Avon Canal or in and around Westborough, MA in the US when I’m over there each month.

Please leave a comment on any posts you find interesting, or ask a question – the more interaction the better…


Enjoy .. KJ

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