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Juneathon Day 10

Juneathon day 10, Runstreak day 102 and the day on which Alexander the Great died (in 323BC).

It’s just after lunch on Sunday, and it looks as though I managed to salvage something of the week. Mileage so far is 36.6, and I might be able to get out for another 3 or 4 miles this evening to try and reach my weekly minimum target of 41m.

After yesterdays speedy effort, my thighs were still aching today. Also, I didn’t get a decent nights sleep, so the 6:30 alarm was immediately switched off and ignored.  Mrs H nudged me at 8am and asked if I was planning on running, so I dragged myself out of bed and got my kit on and headed out the door, after taking the obligatory cup of tea up to Mrs H.

I had planned on 11 or 12 miles this morning, but the late start put paid to that – I only had till 9:30 and by now it was 8:20, so I decided on an easy effort on my usual 8 miler out and back along the canal.

Felt like I had heavy legs to start with but after a couple of miles I got into the zone and the miles passed quickly. If I start thinking about something (interesting) and planning then I find it easy to ‘zone out’ and before I know it a few miles have passed and I have no recollection of them – which really helps…

Anyway, 8.25 miles at 9 minute miles. Perfect temperature for running this morning and everyone else must have thought the same as  I passed a ton of other runners, cyclists and walkers. Really enjoyable running.

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