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Juneathon Day 16

geronimoJuneathon Day 16, Runstreak day 108 and the day in 1829 on which Geronimo, the Apache leader was born.

According to Wikipedia, “Geronimo” means “one who yawns”, and that has definitely been me today !!

I was up reasonably early (for a weekend at least) this morning – about 6:45 – and headed out for a easy long run, 15 miles along the canal. My plan for the weekend is back to back long effort. This will be the last big stress on my legs before the Endure24 in 2 weeks. Next weekend I’ll probably do a single long run.

Anyway, that early start and log effort had me yawning away, then I decided to double up today with another short effort while the kids were swimming, so I managed another 3.1 miles at 5pm.

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