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Marlow to Reading

Written by kjhughes

I’ve agreed to mark the Marlow to Reading section of the Thames Path 100 race on 3rd March 2012. I don’t get out to the East of Reading very far or often, so I though I had better do a little reconnaissance. That was this morning’s run…


It’s a really nice, scenic route that follows the Thames Path  for 17-18 miles. Starting in Marlow, you go through a well maintained riverside path/park for a few miles before heading out to the real countryside. Then you continue along a well marked path, passing through Hurley, Henley and Shiplake.

shiplake_snipThere are areas where it leaves the Thames for a bit, but you’re generally soon back. The only significant non riverside section is when you’re passing through Shiplake, but it’s only a mile or two.

Overall it’s a great route, the TP100’ers have a gem in store, although 42 miles in, they may not be feeling at their most appreciative :-), more likely head down and grinding it out… As a recreational run it works pretty well also – there is a Sainsburys store in Marlow, to stock up on any last minute provisions, as well as shops in both Henley and Shiplake for water or other provisions, if needed.

In terms of the recce for marking, a couple of minor detours and navigational mishaps but I’m sure it’ll all be fine for marking the race. Good luck if you’re doing it, and let me know how you find this section…

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