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December 5th 2013 – A Double Run Day

Double run today.
Had hoped to get a long run in during my commute but couldn’t drag my lazy arse out of bed.

Ran a fast 5.7m at lunchtime, including a hard effort up Norcot Hill (only 2 seconds off my PB for that section) in strong blustery winds, so quite pleased with that!
I really needed 8-12 miles for the day though, so I headed out again at 9.30pm and cranked out an easy 3 and a bit miles, giving me almost 9 for the day.

Also got a text today telling me there’s no footy training for Alastair on Saturday, so I’m now planned to have a rest day tomorrow and a hard effort at Newbury Parkrun on Saturday. Don’t think I’m in sub 20 shape but maybe around 21.30.

Overall, happy with my training at the moment 🙂

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