Gear Review – Mileage Metrics Running App

Written by kjhughes

So, this is a bit of self promotion, of my Mileage Metrics Running App…

One of the targets I try to meet in my ultra marathon training is a minimum weekly mileage – depending on where in the training cycle I am that will be somewhere between 40 and 70 miles…

So, I like to have my current mileage total in an easy to view place – on the home screen of my smartphone. None of the tracking apps I’ve seen provide this feature, so I wrote my own little Mileage Metrics Running App to do it.

Mileage Metrics is an Android home screen widget that integrates with RunKeeper and Strava (more services to follow) and lets you show your weekly, monthly and annual total mileage (or kilometers) for running, biking or swimming (more activity types to follow).

mileage metrics running app

It’s free and is not plagued with adverts etc. You can download it from the android app store here :

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