10 Weeks of Great Ultra Marathon Training then Injury

Written by kjhughes

Urgh, another setback – thankfully/hopefully just a small one. It’s been a great start to the year so far – I’ve had 10 excellent weeks of ultra marathon training at 40+ miles per week, at least 2 long runs per week and some decent back-2-back sessions.

ultra marathon training schedule

ultra marathon training schedule

It was all going so well, then I got cocky again, and started pushing the frequency of my faster sessions – and I pick up a niggle.
It’s a bit of pain in my Achilles – had it before, I think it’s a sheath/tendon overuse problem.

Came out of nowhere, on a lunchtime run last week (Thurs), so I rested it till Monday and tried a 3 mile tester from which I walked the last mile back. Left it for another couple of days, making sure I stretched it and foam rollered it.

Still a bit of pain today, so I’m going to leave it for 5 or 6 days now – want to be sure I’m not making it worse – only 59 days left till the Thames Path 100, and I don’t want all my training to go to waste.


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